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Changes to service and closure

From 2 January 2015, Jisc brought its customer-facing teams, including Jisc TechDis, in house in order to provide a more joined-up, focussed service.

This means that Jisc TechDis no longer exists as a separate, distinct service providing advice and guidance on technologies to support disabled students and staff.

Continuity and expertise

Jisc are still committed to accessibility and inclusion. A number of TechDis staff have been offered roles in the new structure. You should be able to find Alistair McNaught, Lisa Featherstone and Emma Millard in the Jisc staff directory.

If you would like to contact any other member of the team we suggest you look for them on Linkedin.

Web resources

The website will exist as is at least until the end of March 2015 and possibly until July 2016. Please do continue to use the information and resources but be aware that there will be no one available to answer queries.

Also please be aware that we have a number of embedded Common Craft videos which will not work after March 2015. They will still be available to view on the Common Craft website.

All of the TechDis videos are available on the TechDis YouTube channel.

There are a few services that are being taken forward by other organisations.

Publisher LookUp UK

Load2Learn has agreed to take on the maintenance of the Publisher LookUp website so that staff in higher education as well as further education and skills will continue to have access to this valued service.

Jess and Jack, the TechDis Voices

You can still register for TechDis Jess and Jack from this website. In time, registration will be taken on by the Higher Education Academy and you will find a form on the HEA website.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported us or used our services over the years. Together we have helped thousands of disabled staff and students as detailed in our last blog post which we invite you to read.


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Attention - archive site

From 1 January 2015, TechDis no longer exists as a distinct separate service. Please continue to use the site and resources.

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