About Us

Jisc TechDis is a leading UK advisory service on technologies for accessibility and inclusion to support disabled students and staff.

Supporting different sectors

Our core remit is to support organisations within the post-16 education sectors (Higher Education, Further Education & Skills and Independent Specialist Colleges).

However, we have numerous resources and a wealth of expertise that are equally relevant to the business and community sectors. Any organisation that wants to achieve greater accessibility for their disabled learners, employees or customers is encouraged to use our website and resources.

Multi-level working

We provide expert advice, guidance and support for a wide range of different roles and levels including: policy makers, senior management, front line and specialist staff.

Our approach is supported through the use of exemplars and case studies which demonstrate effective tools and techniques and the application of technology within both education and business practices.

A Jisc Service

Jisc TechDis is one of many advisory services co-ordinated by Jisc, created to provide inspiration and advice to support the innovative use of technology within the education, business and community sectors.

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Changes to TechDis

From 1 January 2015, TechDis will no longer exist as a distinct seperate service.

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