Invest in Yourself

It is important to ensure that your skills and knowledge are up to date in order to deliver quality learning experiences that are as inclusive and accessible as possible. In today's fast moving technological environment and the changing expectations of students, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is more important than ever.

Inclusive practice is good practice

By increasing your understanding of accessible and inclusive practices, you can improve the learning experiences of all your students. Used appropriately, technology can really help in this ambition. We have many tools, resources and publications that you may find helpful. In addition to delivering online workshops, we also run the Accessible Practice IT Support Programme.

Relevant for all roles

It's not just teaching and learning - accessibility and inclusion are relevant to a wide range of roles such as, marketing, administration, management, learner support, library services, network and IT services.

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Accessible IT Practice Support Programme

Twelve training modules that focus on using IT effectively, inclusively and accessibly for learning and teaching. You can choose the modules most appropriate to your role. Mapped to City & Guilds so you can gain a recognised qualification should you so choose.

Benchmarking - where are you now?

The Online Accessibility Self Evaluation Service (OASES) allows different role holders within organisations to benchmark their accessibility practices. Roles included are:

  • Disability and Student Support Staff;
  • IT and Network Managers;
  • Library and Learning Resources Staff;
  • Marketing Staff;
  • Senior Managers;
  • Staff Developers and Learning Technologists.

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