Inclusive practice is good practice. By building accessibility into policies, strategies and practices you will reduce barriers for all regardless of disability. Here you will find a wealth of diverse resources that focus on making mainstream practices more inclusive and accessible.

Introduction to accessibility and inclusion

This section provides background information including definitions and legislation.

Built-in accessibility

This set of resources explores the built-in features that allow users to personalise their machines and customise the way in which they interact with them.

Accessible documents and presentations

In this area we show you how to ensure your Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations are as accessible as possible.

Web accessibility

Here we explore how to make your website accessible for a wide range of users. We also take a look at usability, standards, guideline and accessibility statements.

Accessible assessment

It is important to consider accessibility when designing assessments so that people with disabilities are not being unintentionally disadvantaged.

Delivering accessible digital learning

These materials will take you through some of the techniques involved in creating or adapting digital content to provide more accessible learning experiences.

Assistive technology in learning and teaching

Here we explore the assistive technologies that are built into computers as well as free and open source technologies. We also look at how mobile and portable devices can support learners with disabilities.

Older tools and resources

Here you will find a collection of older but still very valuable resources and tools including:

  • Accessibility Passport
  • SimDis
  • Watchwords

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Downloadable leaflets

We have a small number of leaflets that have been designed specifically for you to download and print.

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