Accessible Documents and Presentations

These materials are for anyone who creates documents and presentations in their work. There are many reasons why you should ensure that the documents and presentations you create are accessible and inclusive.

  • There is a legal obligation for organisations to ensure that no-one is disadvantaged because of a disability.
  • There is a requirement to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that as many people as possible can access your services. These adjustments should be anticipatory, which means they need to be in place before you are aware that a disabled user is having problems.
  • Making your documents and presentations accessible is good practice which can benefit all users regardless of ability.

Accessible Word Documents

Most people in education today produce Word documents. Here we show you some simple ways to make your documents accessible using Word 2010. The principles apply equally to Mac Office and Open Office as well as any other similar tools, although the precise way of performing the techniques may differ slightly.

We have also included where necessary older versions of Word.

Accessible PDFs

PDF documents are commonly used on the web, or may be provided to print impaired learners who have requested textbooks in an electronic format. There are accessibility features built in to the free Adobe Reader software to make them easier to read. Here we show you how to create a PDF that is accessible.

Accessible Presentations

Many people working in education regularly use PowerPoint to deliver presentations. These can be a valuable resource for learners. Here we explain how to create accessible presentations using PowerPoint 2010.

We have also included where necessary older versions of PowerPoint.

Accessible spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can be daunting especially for people with dyslexia, dyscalculia, visual impairment or learning difficulties. But it is possible to make spreadsheets more user friendly. In this section we look at making spreadsheets more accessible, as well as using Excel to create interactive learning resources.


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