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Mobile technology is a rapidly maturing and changing area covering devices as varied as mobile phones, smartphones (with added functionality such as internet access, email access and calendars, some of which support third party applications), and netbooks (small but fully-featured laptop computers) and touch screen tablets. With such a range of mobile technologies on offer it can be difficult to know how to evaluate the advantages of mobile learning and maximise the potential benefits.

While there are obvious benefits, such as portability and access to materials at convenient times for the user, mobile technology can put up barriers for disabled users who may struggle with touch screen devices, small screens and buttons and complex menu systems.

Using mobile technologies can be daunting for staff creating resources who may lack confidence in their technical ability, or worry that creating m-learning materials will be difficult and time-consuming.

Jisc TechDis have produced a range of simple, user-friendly resources exploring the benefits and barriers of mobile learning which we hope will give you the confidence to explore the opportunities presented by m-learning.

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