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The Publisher Lookup UK website is a collaborative facility jointly organised by Jisc Techdis and The Publishers Association. The purpose of the website is to enable educationalists working with disabled learners to get an electronic version of published texts from UK publishers as quickly as possible.

This website, like any large database, may occasionally be out of date but publishers are asked to inform us of any changes and a reminder is issued on a six monthly basis. Whilst every reasonable effort is taken to ensure the content on this site is accurate and up to date, neither Jisc Techdis nor The Publishers Association can accept responsibility for errors or inaccuracies, nor can they get involved in any specific negotiations between library services and publishers. Publishers wishing to add their details to the database, or amend an existing entry, can do so by downloading the template below and sending the details to

Publisher Lookup UK Template

A similar service is run by the Association of American Publishers. Their website ( is recommended for US based publications.

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