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Publisher Lookup finds a new home

The Publisher Lookup service and related website, created by Jisc Techdis  and The Publishers Association, will transfer to Load2Learn in 2015. The Publisher Lookup website helps further and higher education institutions meet their legal obligations to provide resources in alternative formats for disabled learners. This service is increasingly important given the forthcoming changes to the disabled student allowance.

Following a restructuring at Jisc, this move means that staff in higher education as well as further education and skills will still have access to this valued service. 

Many people with dyslexia, visual impairment or motor difficulties find it difficult to access the world of books but technology can help. Disabled learners can manipulate digital texts changing the magnification, colour combinations, use keyboard access or convert text-to-speech thereby transforming the reading experience and increasing independence.  Publisher Lookup plays an important role in helping those working with disabled learners to obtain electronic versions of published texts from UK publishers as quickly as possible.

Load2Learn, delivered by the RNIB and Dyslexia Action, is the natural home for Publisher Lookup, as it already provides accessible textbooks and images to support dyslexic, partially sighted or blind learners who have difficulty reading standard print. The service is free to educators in the UK.

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